Cubasis and an extern sampler

This is my first post :stuck_out_tongue: Hello…

Im firstly sorry for my english and for my question, because is a little bit retard I think. I don’t understand so much about Midi. I just manage a bit Cubase for producing our band.

As I said, I’m in a band, and we play with sequence. The old computer has just given to us problems.

We have two iPads, and we had thought in using these for this task. My thought is loading the sequence-projet for live fo our songs in Cubasis. The drummer will listen to the click through the iPad phone output and the sequence audio will be trigger from a midi track in Cubasis to a sampler SP-404SX I own. I know we need and interface for midi out, but is it possible what I ask?

Thanks in advance


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Technically and without considering the characteristics and limitations of your hardware, your setup should work. You can output MIDI (to the sequencer) and Audio data (the click) at the same time. Note that there are limitations regarding the MIDI-events that Cubasis can send. It is, for instance, not possible to send program change events (see So you should make sure that your projects do not rely on those events.

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Thankx Frieder.

We just trigger the full song that is in a pad of the SP-404 from a track in the iPad. The drummer will follow the click in Cubasis through ipad phones.

One question more. Is it possible the change of tempo and type of bar in Cubasis?

Thank you again :smiley:

You can change the tempo and the time signature next to the transport buttons.
But there’s no tempo track or something like that yet to automate it.

But could I create a project in Cubase with the changes of tempo and them import into Cubasis?

Right now you can only transfer projects made in Cubasis to Cubase.
Doesn’t work the opposite way yet. So… no. :mrgreen:


you cannot import complete projects from Cubase into Cubasis. However, you can import the tracks separately. But as the previous poster said: the tempo changes cannot be imported.

One workaround could be: Export the MDI-files in different tempi in Cubase in and import them to Cubasis. Doing so, you could simulate different tempi in one project.

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