Cubasis and BeatHawk issue

Hello to you all.ive probably wrote about this some months ago but still no fix yet.
When I use BeatHawk in Cubasis,there is a noticeable playhead lag when I draw notes In the midi editor.
When I have 2 BeatHawk tracks, Cubasis lags when I move the mixer faders.i tried this with the max buffer size In Cubasis.
I also did the test with BM3 and Stagelight, both on very low buffer size, 128, if I’m not wrong and had no issues at all.
Everything was very smooth from the midi editor to the mixer faders no lags at all.while Cubasis was laggy with the max Buffer size.
This is a video of the test I did with the 3 daws.
No effect no other tracks or Aus.
Hope this issue gets solved some day.
Kind regards
iPad Pro 10.5
Latest iOS version

Hi John1289,

Thanks for your report which we’ve shared with UVI.
Will get back to you if we have news.

Best wishes,

Hi there Lars thanks for the reply.the issue also happens with LayR…made a test in Cubasis and Stagelight with te same presets and midi Cubasis with the medium/max buffer size, trying to add notes to the midi roll or move faders makes Cubasis stutter with 2 tracks.i did the same in Stagelight and it runs smooth with 512 buffer I tried using 128 buffer size and to my surprise no issues at all, the two tracks run smoothly even when editing midi and messing with the mixer channel.
Am I missing something in Cubasis settings?
Here is the video to the test