Cubasis and Cubase

While I love Cubasis on iPad and have used Cubase since it was in black and white (literally) on the Atari, I would love better integration between the two
I would love to be able to start a project on my desktop (Windows in my case), save it to iCloud then open it in Cubasis to work on and then carry on again on desktop, or, equally, the other way round
I wouldn’t expect anything 3rd party to work, just audio, midi and mix levels, although Microsonic to Halion Sonic and shared effects porting would be great
This would give us true freedom for joined up working and give Steinberg a great USP that even Logic/Garageband can’t quite do yet, rather than the Cubasis import function, which is only half of the real need
Please look into this for Cubasis upgrades, I’m sure I’m not the only one that would delighted with this

This will be too complex and very few people will use it. I think Roland cloud DAW can do it, but it’s much simpler compared to Cubase.

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Hi @AtariBoy,

Thanks for your message.

Cubase and Cubasis are different apps for different markets and devices, developed by different teams.

Cubasis has its focus on mobile devices and its workflows, it fully features touch operation, then there is a wide range of available Audio Unit instruments available on iOS only and much more…

You can use the freely downloadable Project Importer to load Cubasis projects with Cubase. And of course you can import STEMS into Cubasis from Cubase or any other DAW.

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It would also be very convenient for me to be able to develop a file on both cubasis and cubase. It would be enough to keep only the midi events (as already possible today) and audio, and at least the type of instrument (piano, drum, bass, etc.), which today is lost by switching from Cubase to Cubasis.
Practically, compared to what we have today, only the “type of instrument” should be maintained, not the exact chosen instrument (which obviously cannot be had between the two apps), nothing else.
This would be of great use (at least for me) developing a song, which, as we know, may also require additions, rethinks, variations.
Of course, once the song is obtained, it should be refined and packaged and produced only on Cubase, of course.
I do not argue that they are two products intended for a different use, but this integration in my opinion would make a lot of sense for composers.
It would be great for me … Thanks