Cubasis and midi controller start/stop/mute/solo/pan

Does Cubasis works with a midi controller sending commands like Start, Stop etc? And other midi functions like Mute Solo Pan etc?

I am wondering this because I want to buy a midi controller. Don’t want to pay for a boards with those those functions if it doesn’t work with Cubasis. Please let me know.

Nobody tried this before?

Hi Toonzo,

Unfortunately Cubasis does not support this.

Any change for implementing this in a future update?
At least start stop and record would be great.

It would be very good with midi learn for volume, start/stop, fast forward and rewind. I just bought Novation Launchkey Mini which would be very handy to use together with Cubasis. That controller has buttons for changing tracks and moving up/down. The drum pads would work perfect controlling the chord buttons.
Midi learn would make Cubasis even better.



I just bought 1.8 today, and it seems to be really great, but…Of course I wanted to control MMC start/stop etc… using my midi controller…
I don’t want to be rude, but how obvious is that in a Steinberg sequencer in 2014 on Ipad ?..
Of course I would also like to control the volume master, and each track volume also…
We are just buying midi controllers with hundreds of knobs for 10 years now.

The worst part seems to be that you are not orienting the futur updates close to that.

Please say that I’m wrong…

i use Alesis io dock ii

can i start/stop with the footswitch in version 1.9???
so our Drummer could start the playback with the switch???

or how do you do that hands free???

i play Guitar and have both hands in use when i wanna start the playback
in a song, solo for example…

thanx for yor help!!!