Cubasis and Novation Launchkey keyboard

Hi all,
Thinking of buying the Novation Launchkey keyboard to use with my iPad.
But as I was testing it in store today I couldnt get any transportcontrols in Cubasis to work with it.
I might have done something wrong, anyone now if this is possible?
Everything else worked fine though, (forgot to check the mixersfaders :blush: ) but I really wish to be able to control Cubasis with it.
I also found out that the drums remapped little odd on the Launchkey pads.
The bassdrum was on lower row as no 2 and the snare was pad 1…
Any suggestions?

Dear Winger,

The transport function of a connected midi device will not work (yet).
I have tested several midi-keyboards today before Carlos told me that this feature is not available.

We got it on the feature request list now.



Hi Jan,

Thank you for answering me!
Glad to hear that it might be in future versions!
Controlling Cubasis from Launchkeys transportcontrollers would be awesome!

Best, Winger