Cubasis and Nuendo

Is it possible to import IOS Cubasis projects to Nuendo or is it Cubase only?


You need a special tool to convert Cubasis into Cubase project / or open Cubasis project in Cubase. But the software or plugin worked just as well in N8. I don’t know if N10 needs it or if it at all works with it. But I ask myself why it is not just built in so Steinberg software just works together. Why download a special tool as plugin to open a Cubasis project.

Anybody tried if it still works with N10?

It works fine for me in Nuendo 10, at least the two times I’ve done it so far.

I did have to download the updated import extension ( before it would work with Cubasis 2. (Chris Polus, that might be one good reason to have it separate from the various host apps-- they are definitely not on the same update schedule!)


Hi guys,

Thanks for your support


As a test, I had remixed the Lucky 7 demo song that’s available via Cubasis 2 v2.8.1 (iPad). However, when I imported the song into N10, there were no virtual instruments assigned / matched. The only thing that immediately plays are the audio tracks. Now, I know the instruments on Cubasis are SE versions so there’s no exact match for those same instruments in N10. However, since there was no documentation with the Cubasis Project Importer, it’s hard to know what to expect. I wondered if by chance, the Importer accounted for that by assigning, “like” instruments from the stock instruments between the programs for anyone else? Would be great if it did. No biggie if not. Just wanted to check with others in case it did.


I just wanted to follow up as I solved my own question, but instead of deleting it, I’ll leave it here for reference.

Basically, I just didn’t have HALion Sonic SE installed in N10. (I demo’d N10 for a couple weeks on my laptop before installing it in my studio, but I didn’t install the synth (in hindsight) as I was merely testing the daw as a candidate to replace Pro Tools.)
So, if HALion Sonic SE is installed in N10, it definitely will match up your midi instruments used in Cubasis 2 (iOS) app with those in N10. :slight_smile: