Cubasis and Roland Duo Capture EX

Hello everyone :wink:
This is my second post, thus bear wiih me, please I’m an assolute beginner both with iPad Air and Cubasis. To be honest I have been using MIDI sequencers since the late 90’s but, although I might be considered somewhat experienced, I’m totally lost here.
My goal is to record some stereo audio tracks in Cubasis… But although I connected my old and faithful Roland jx-10 to the Audio Capture EX both through MIDI and audio I’m not able to record anything.
The interface at least at MIDI level is working because I can drive iGrand and other softwares flawlessly.
Please help.

I have the Roland Duo EX and it works fine with Cubasis. Do you have it set to Tablet mode on the back of the unit? In Cubasis make sure you choose UA-22 as the routing inputs (this is what it shows up as for some reason). Also make sure your tracks are record enabled (the red circle is lit) and if you want to monitor your instrument as you record then make sure the yellow speaker is lit on the audio track.

Thanks for your reply, sdesign
First of all I had some difficulties make UA-22 being recognized by my iPad Air due to iOS 7.1, then after having fumbled for a while I succeeded.
The interface is set on Pad and seems working, but I can set just mono audio tracks.
My goal is to record a stereo audio track.
Honestly I never saw UA-22 as a routing path within the track.
The red circle is active and the yellow loudspeaker icon too.
Do I to change the position of the Direct Monitor back switch? Actually is on Stereo, and it should be correct.

You gave me good luck! This morning I reconnected UA-22 to the iPad and loaded Cubasis. Selected thecinput and Stereo was avaliable. Wonderful!

Great, glad it worked for you!

I think you should make sure you connect the Roland Duo EX to the iPad before you open Cubasis to ensure that it’s available when you go to the audio routings.

Same happened this evening with the Yamaha iMX1 cable hooked to a lightning to 30 pin adapter.
I was not able to make it working with Cubasis to record some midi tracks.
Now I succeeded hter’s another issue I need to solve: how to record a track in Cubasis that will drive only an external MIDI instrument without having a piano sound (default patch) that comes out from the iPad speakers?
Do I always need to link an intenal sound to Cubasis MIDI tracks? Can these tracks drive just external instruments as if I had a traditional MIDI sequencer?

Just choose “No instrument” from the instrument list.

It works!
Much panic but Cubasis works with Roland Duo Capture. Just expressing my relief. iPad and UA-22 both battery driven make for huge versatility. Just wished the H4n did the same, but all good.
Now to see if the Bluetooth speaker works.

Users helping users, great to see…
Thanks for the great support, sdesign!