cubasis and scarlett 18i8

i upgraded my ipad to IOS7 and everything seems working ok for 5 minutes but later on the audio stopped processing from my focusrite and the sound output was from the ipad built in speaker… don’t know if it is from the ios7 upgrade or scarlett issue or cubasis … any advise

Nevermind … The usb camera kit was defective… I bought a new one and everything seems to work ok

Hi there. Did your iPad easily “see” the i818? I tried to use a Tascam interface but my iPad 4 didn’t want to recognize it. I’ve been wondering about the Presonus Audiobox 1818 VSL. Actually I’m wondering about what would be the right interface for my needs. I’m hoping to record several track simultaneously. An electronic drum kit and electric bass, D.I.ed and miced so at least 10 channels. Hope you can help.



well the 18i8 is a charm … the ipad just saw it directly with all the inputs…i totally recommend it …it is a 8 inputs including 4 preamp and 4 line in , you can expand it with an ADAT … good luck with your search