Cubasis and Steinberg MR816x audio interface

hello,i’m new in this forum, I would like to know if any of you have connected Cubasis App with a Steinberg MR816x audio intercace?What links you have made and which adapters you need?. I hop you can halp me…:wink:


Hi qtronix,

The MR interfaces are not iPad compatible unfortunately.

Hi Carlos, does this apply to the UR series as well? (more specifically the UR22)
And if so, are there any plans on either making the UR22 work in general for iPad USB or enable it for Cubasis?

Thanks, David

Hi David,

None of the Steinberg hardware interfaces are iPad compatible, including UR series.
Unfortunately I can’t give specifics about future hardware plans at this moment.

Ok Carlos, thanks for answering. It’s sad but understandable :S