Cubasis and the "fxrecon"button of the dspfx app [SOLVED]

Have some of you can check if they can record the reverb or any effect apply on the strip of the DSPapp?
As I understood, cubasis and its audio track has to be in monitor and rec mod, and if the "fx rec " of the strip in dspmixfx is red: that means that you should get the sound proceed and then “freeze” on a cubasis track.
In my case, there is no difference between on and off recmod strip channel.
And what it seems more strange, I don’t need to disable my icon “monitor” in cubasis to heard the playback… As it normally as to be in a normal cubase…

I’m confused.
Someone has some though on theses subject?


So I fell alone…


You are posting in the iPad Cubasis App forum, but it looks like your questions are about Cubase. Head up to the top of the forum listing, and you will find the Cubase forum there.
Good Luck!

In fact it’s a problem in cubasis+ur44+dsp app
So yes I think it can’t be posted in cubase forum, don’t you?


could you give more information on what exactly is your issue and a step by step repro?

If I include a effect like a crunch distortion on a guitar track an enable FX REC ON the sound gets recorded as an audio track in Cubasis and works as expected.


You right,
Everything works, it’s just I was trying to get the reverb sound to.
I now understand that is only crunch and the other real effects…