Cubasis and UR44 output routing

Anyone who has both the UR44 and Cubasis on the iPad might be able to advise me on this:

I would like to run 4 mono tracks from the Cubasis app via the UR44’s line outputs. It seems to me that it’s possible to specify hardware outputs in Cubasis from recent updates, but I can’t tell whether the UR44’s line outputs can be run as seperate mono channels or are locked as stereo pairs…

Reason for this is to run a set of mono tracks live to an external desk for further control and manipulation - and, further, if possible, to run a stereo mix (not a composite of the mono tracks but an additional two tracks) through the main stereo output in addition to using the 4 line outputs - like, for example, an MPC1000…

the outputs in Cubasis are locked as stereo pairs, but you can simply pan the first track dead left and the second track dead right and there you have it. :slight_smile:

Thanks crohde, that’s what I needed, only just saw your reply now.

Hello, it would be possible with the same configuration, to have another indipendent stereo track send only to the phones out? Thanks


Cubasis allows to assign signals to discrete outputs via the routing tab in the inspector (depending the hardware offers assignable outputs).

Furthermore please have a closer look at the dspMixFX app available for the iPad:

Hope that helps,