Cubasis (Android), can you recommend a small Audio Interface?

Hi, I travel a lot and used a laptop which has Cubase installed carried a lightweight USB keyboard (CME Xkey).

Now I use an Android table, export files to import into Cubase (works really well). So the search is on for an audio interface to use with Cubasis.

*** Can someone recommend one that you know works before I buy?

My main concern is latency. Using Bluetooth headphones is a non-starter for me other than listening back to work I have done. Input and editing is a latency nightmare.

The second problem I face is that my MIDI keyboard (CME Xkey) uses a USB-A connector. All of the travelling audio interfaces have 2.5mm MIDI interfaces. As you may also know, a majority of small form factor MIDI use USB now (and requires power). So, it is becoming more difficult to identify an interface.

The TC Helicon GO Solo looks ideal. But the MIDI interface is 2.5mm.

Thank you, Bob

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