Cubasis Android hastens to update it again!!!

When will cubasis3 for Android be updated again? This time Android Update 3.2 has no substantive updates, and iOS has updated new plug-ins and so on!!! iOS and Android prices are the same, a little disappointed ah!!!-2f3580f639f45bab

come on,Would you ask the official to talk to me?

Hi yepdong,

Thank you for your message.

Where applicable, the iOS and Android versions get the same update or maintenance features. However, this is not possible in all cases, due to features unavailable on Android or similar.

We do our best to make Cubasis better with every update, and the team is already busy preparing the next one…

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,

OK, thank you for your reply!
I also hope cubasis for Android version of each update is getting better and better 。
The hard work of the team !