cubasis app for iPad and Roland TD-4 edrums using midi.

Hey guys,
I have the Roland TD-4 edrum kit and I have the cubasis app for my iPad.
I purchased all the right midi cable and camera adapter kit.
All I’m trying to do is track midi for our new music and I can’t seem to get any signal. Not sure if it’s something to do with the settings on the app or if it’s even possible to do so.
I called Roland and Steinberg. Apparently Steinberg doesn’t deal with cubasis because it’s an iOS product and Roland said if it’s just for midi it should work and I wouldn’t need an interface.
Anyways, sorry for my lack of knowledge, I’ve been trying to figure it out the last couple of days and can’t seem to.
Hopefully I can get some help here.

Hey Cody,
I have been doing this with my Roland TD-8 module and Cubasis.
It sounds like you want to record MIDI data in Cubasis and trigger the drum sounds in a Cubasis instrument like AM drums, this is certainly possible, but consider the following.

  • Use ONLY an authentic Apple camera (CCK) adapter, aftermarket ones will NOT work properly
  • Only some MIDI interfaces will work and you certainly need one, I use a Roland UM-ONE-MK2, some other may work as well, what are you using?
  • Test your connection in a different app to verify functionality, like Garageband or SampleTank. Then you know your interface is working.
  • Read the Cubasis documentation thoroughly, maybe you’re not configuring or arming your track properly.

that’s a start…

Thanks for sharing your insights, Carl - greatly appreciated!