Cubasis Application Cuts Out ?

I recently purchased Cubasis but it doesn’t seem to work properly.
When I play major 7 chords using the keyboard on my iPad 4 with Retina Display, I experience a lot of stuttering in the output.
Any ideas to fix this will be appreciated otherwise it’s not much use to me.

Hi groovechild63,

could you provide some additional information? Are you using Cubasis 1.6? Then how many tracks and how many instances of micologue do you have in your project? And have you tried using the freeze function?

kind regards

Hi Ludwig
Thanks for your reply, all the software is the latest and up to date. I’m having these issues with just a normal piano sound using 1 track and nothing else.
Strange isn’t it?
Thanks again and hope you can help further.

Strange indeed.

Are you on IOS 7 ? Which samplerate and bitrate did you choose.
Even when you set your samplerate to 96kHz and the bitrate to 24bit you should be able to record at least 10 tracks simultaneously --> Check this thread

Have you tried restarting the Pad with no other Apps open?
First thing I would suggest is to reinstall Cubasis.

Hope that sorts it out for you.


Running version 1.6 with 44.1Khz - 16bit and iOS 7
I’ve starting with no other apps running, but it makes no difference.
I’ll try reinstalling .