Cubasis as a collaborating app with a friend

Hi folks!

A friend of mine that write songs wants to collaborate with me writing songs together (hard rock, metal, etc).

So I have Cubase using a stationary PC with Win 10 Home and he has an Ipad using Garageband with some Mac OS.

So I was wondering about Cubasis? If we both get Cubasis 3 on new Ipads with internet connectiuon, would that make it possible for us to share projects and just send new ideas of songs to each other via this app? For example he starts a project on his Ipad using Cubasis 3 and record drums and guitars, then send it to me via my Ipad using Cubasis 3 where I can record stuff like vocal melodies, etc and then send it back to him, etc?

With many regards & stay safe!! :slight_smile:

/Robin Gardner

Hi Robingardner,

Thank you for your message.

You’re able to share projects between the iPhone and iPad using AirDrop.
It is not possible to simultaneoulsy collaborate on the same project with multiple devices.

Hope that helps!

Stay healthy too!