Cubasis as Audiobus input?


Can someone explain the suggested workflow using Cubasis as an Audiobus input? As I understand, it’s only the Master Output från Cubasis that can be sent to Audiobus as an input. I can see how this can be used for mastering purposes or by sending each track solo through Audiobus. But wouldn’t the desired functionality be to be able to send each track individually through Audiobus? Oh, and in the future as send effects as well… :slight_smile: 'cos send busses are coming, right? (I guess you would call them Audiobus Aux Send)


I just picked up from the Audiobus forum that you can select Cubasis as both the inout and output, provided you don’t load it first. After it is set up in Audiobus, then load it by tapping one of the icons. Then you can solo a track and send it through an fx before rerecording it back into Cubasis. Or do it with the whole mix through something like Remaster.

LOL, it was me that posted that trick over at the AB forum :slight_smile:
Anyway, I was hoping the workflow would cover some more advanced possibilities other than just soloing a track or taking the whole mix as input. For example using some clever send bus trick or something. I witnessed a neat trick with Auria using the built in compressor for side chaining for example. Something that was faaaar from obvious (I still don’t get how the guy did it). Maybe there’s some hidden gem in the Cubasis routing that makes for similar routing or Audiobus ingenuities. Steinberg MUST have something up their sleeves here, don’t you think?

I am sure that what we are seeing now will seem so simple in just 12 months time. The future is bright!

That’s the thing about the ipad in general. I don’t think Apple or most others had any clue as to where the app developers were going to take it to. Audiobus is still very new and there are still some kinks to iron out with some apps but in a year from now we’ll have a hard time remembering how we did witout it.

I feel that way already about Audiobus!