cubasis as sound module stops working after some time

Hi there!
Been using Cubasis as a sound module for some time now. The midi connection from a Yamaha or Kawai piano is done with a IRig Midi 2. It works flawlessly and I can turn the IPad to Sleep Mode and it’s still playing the sound. If for a certain period of time no midi is sent to Cubasis, it stops responding and has to be brought to top to make it play again. is this the way it should be or a bug? is there any setting in IOS that affects this behavior of Cubasis going to sleep although background mode is on?
I have an iPad mini Retina, IOS 8.3, Cubasis 1.9 with background mode on.
Thanks in advance,

Hi Matt,

Please give it a try to set Auto-Lock (located in iPad Settings/General) to “Never”.
This should prevent the iPad from going into sleep mode (keep in mind that this setting will consume more power also).

Please let me have your feedback, if this helps to solve the issue.


Hi Lars!
Auto Lock is set to “Never”!
That means that I manually turned the IPad to sleep mode in order to shut down the display and save battery power. Since Cubasis was still playing the In this state in the beginning I considered this to be perfect.
But when I noticed that after sometime in this state Cubasis was also somehow going to sleep I was puzzled and had no Idea why? Any idea?

Just a thought, but is it possible that it is the iRig Midi that is turning off after no activity for a period and not Cubasis ?


we do not have the iRig available and can not do more testing to reproduce, but Andy might be right and it is an hardware issue.

Contacting IK support and asking might be worth to try.


Hi Lars, hi Andy!
I think you’re wrong! did some further testing:
Same unresponsiveness of Cubasis after some time without playing notes when connected to the USB Host port of my Kawai Mp10 Piano with a Camera Connection Kit and a Usb Cable.
I tested these two kinds of connection (IRig midi 2 and CCK) triggering sounds in the app “Sampletank” from IK Multimedia and It played immediately even after hours of no keyaction with the IPad in sleep mode.
Guess it’s a bug in Cubasis. I’ll test the behavior of another synth app just out of curiosity.

Hi Matt

Good idea to test another app as well. Perhaps Korg Module or iM1 if you have either of them.
The reason this would be a good test is that as both iRig Midi and Sampletank are IK products and they may have some sort of proprietry communication that makes them ‘wake-up’ together ?
Trying with another app using Core MIDI would prove/disprove this.



please let us know the outcome of your test…


Hi everybody!
Tested the “Midi-receive-behaviour” in sleep-mode of the ipad with the following apps:
Arturia iSem, Korg Gadget, Retronyms iMPC Pro and IK Multimedia Sampletank

None of them are going to sleep in background mode after not receiving midisignals for a certain amount of time. They are immediately playing sounds on hitting a key.
The only app I have that shows the problem described in my first post is: Cubasis. Please fix this soon, Steinberg!

Hi all, a shot in the dark, but -
In Thumbjam’s (most excellent) prefs, there is a switch labeled power saver, which is described as allowing TJ to close it’s midi input after a period of inactivity. Perhaps this implies that somewhere in the OS power settings there is a setting that the developers of your “successful” test apps have set to off?
And by no means do I have a clue, I’m no coder! But for an app designed for recording, I could imagine that a default power saving mode would seem appropriate, while a synth app would not.


approximately how long does is take until Cubasis becomes unresponsive? Did you measure this out?


Hi Ricardo!
I measured it today and was surprised myself: After 10 minutes Cubasis already becomes unresponsive!
Thanks for listening,

Hi Matt,

Please allow me to bring in more clarification to the topic:
Once Cubasis’ audio engine becomes active an internal timer is set for a duration of ten minutes.
If no audio engine activity is detected after this duration, the audio engine will be stopped automatically to prevent the iPad from using too much battery power.


Hi Lars!
Allright, I see! So I have a feature request: Please add a switch in settings, to be able to turn this behaviour on/off. That would be nice because sometimes I use Cubasis as a Sound module in a band of my music students, which comes in handy, since I have my Ipad always with me. Problem then is when the sounds are not used in every song, I never know if Cubasis will be still responding or not.