Cubasis can't upload to DropBox (iOS 5.1.1 /iPad1)

Hi, I use Cubasis v1.8.1 on an ipad1 / iOS 5.1.1 and am in the middle of some sessions that are shared with band members via Dropbox. I can download the session to work on but can no longer upload it to Dropbox, error 400 suggesting the Dropbox API is no longer supported for this version of Cubasis. Obviously I don’t want to have to scrap the tech I am using, all I need is an API so I can put things back into Dropbox. Is this a known problem, can anyone help?

I tried to email the session back to band members but its too large for an email.

I’m stuck.
Can anyone help??


Hi Rustybin,

Sorry to hear about your issue.

Cubasis 1.8.1 has been released about three years ago and is no longer maintained, same for iOS 5.1.1.
As a possible workaround, please check if you’re able to transfer the files via iTunes Connect and/or WiFi-Server.

Please find descriptions for both options in the MediaBay chapter of the Cubasis in-app help.

Hope that helps!