Cubasis changes MIDI Instruments


haven’t found my bug in the KB, so I’m shouting it out here:

I am experiencing some serious issues with MIDI Instruments (iPad mini 2, latest Cubasis version).

I cannot recreate the error, but from time to time, Cubasis seems to be changing MIDI instruments I recorded in the app itself, and this cannot be undone. I cannot see a pattern here, looks very random to me. Since Cubasis is auto-saving projects, I lose all settings I made plus the instrument itself, which is really annoying, needless to say.

Is this a known issue or is there a solution to this?


very strange behavior indeed, sorry for the inconvenience. But in order to investigate I would need more information about your setup. Any outboard gear that could possibly send midi program changes, any other apps involved? Is this happening in every project you create and/or with specific sounds? Anything that would help to see a pattern in this?


Thanks for getting back to me.

No other gear involved, just an iPad mini 2 running iOS 8.2 and Cubasis v1.9. No inter-app audio, everything recorded with Cubasis midi. Happened in all projects so far, no matter how many tracks or which instrument.

Lately, I added a recording of a piano to an existing piano track. I then did some fine-tuning in the notes - after that, two other MIDI tracks (bass and something else) turned into that piano, keeping the “old” notes. Both tracks were not “armed” (red “record” button was turned off).

Workaround so far is to freeze tracks asap.

You did not by any chance use “Undo” during those edits? :smiley:

I rarely use the undo button. And the tracks & instruments were all new. So there was no instrument to “undo”. :stuck_out_tongue:
Do you refer to a known bug related to this?

Hi jpanic,

Unfortunately I have not heard about or seen the issue described so far.

If possible, please provide us with:

  • A step by step description how to reproduce the issue
  • A short video that visualises the problem

Please upload the files (e.g. via WeTransfer or similar) and provide me with the download link via PM.


Hi Lars,

it happened again. I realised that my frozen audio recording of claps (which I renamed to “Claps”) suddenly changed to “Acoustic Piano”. There was no way to undo this and there was no damage done, but I grabbed my phone and kept on working.

I used a drum sample from the media bay and put it to a midi drum track. Then I copy/pasted it so it fitted my song.
When copy/pasting a part of it to the end of the drum track, many track settings changed - and I could make a video of it.

It’s the first time that I was able to undo/redo this error. As you can hear, the mixing changes completely. One guitar vanished, the other became way to loud (same as the drums and the clapping). And you can see as well that the colors of the tracks change. I have no clue what’s going on…

Thanks for looking into this in advance

Any help here? I’m realllllly getting annoyed by this stuff!

Today I recorded an audio choir with 8 tracks, recoloured them and did some EQ/limiter changes to all tracks - somewhere in between Cubasis changed all parameters. It seems as if it swaps the records/files but keeps the tracks’ parameters (EQ/reverb/limiter…).

I have the same problem. I have to find another program. Many hours are spoiled because this damn bug!!!

I 've reported this problem . It happens to me every time I open the program . To me it happens when using any external sound module through the entries within Cubasis.
Also midi routing changes everytime I open an existing saved project in Cubasis.
It’s very boring.

I thought it was my imagination going wild but I too am seeing midi channel parameters simply change between sessions and I have to set them all up again.
Very annoying.

Hi all,

We are aware of an undo issue that unfortunately can lead to unwanted track changes.
Does the latest issues reported are similar or different?

@ Ardimon, strato54, robw:
Please find a PM to get in touch with me directly and make sure to list the exact steps that allows us to reproduce the issue.