Cubasis changes tempo without warning if Ableton link enabled in another app at different bpm

Hi. I have discovered that if I have Ableton link ON, and I restart Cubasis while another link enabled app is running at a different tempo, Cubasis will change its tempo without warning to match the tempo of the other app running on the network. This is a VERY undesirable behaviour. Simply resetting the tempo within Cubasis messes with every single audio sample on every track. Please, can we have a warning dialog, asking the user if we want to change the tempo (similar to what AUM does).


Yes, this happened to me yesterday, it took ages to correct because Cubasis chopped all the audio to fit the new tempo and it would not undo

I found that quitting Cubasis, with Ableton link still enabled, then changing the tempo on another link enabled app set to the right tempo, and then relaunching Cubasis did restore the clips and the timeline to correct tempo. But this is clearly not the way! I hope the dev adds this to the list of bugs, and that users vote on it as well!

Hi @novelty,

Thanks for your message.

Unfortunately auto-matching the tempo is one of the main features of Ableton Link which can’t be changed.


Lars, I’m referring to when Cubasis is first launched. Surely code can be created to check the tempo before activating Ableton link inside Cubasis and ask the user if they want to leave the tempo alone? This is how it works in AUM, but only when AUM is first launched and there is an active link from another app.

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