Cubasis - Chord Buttons, Drum Chord Pads, MIDI?

Hi there, since the latest update I’ve come back to Cubasis as a great tool to start and continue working on song ideas. For me that typically starts with the chord structures. I like that I can create custom chords in the numbered chord buttons. However I’m interested in knowing if there are plans to enhance either the chord buttons or the chord pads:

1-The Drum / Chord Pads have limited modification options. Why not add a ‘custom’ option for a user to create what they need to and label it?
2-The Chord buttons are great, since they can be customized, but are kinda small, and I wish a short label could be added so I know what each one is. Further, I would like to access the chord buttons or chord pads via a midi controller, for example an iRig Pads, for live play.

Since typing this, what I’d really like to see is a single, customizable chord pad set, with a custom label option, that could be triggered via an external MIDI pad. Is it possible I might see either of these in the 2.x release?

Hi Richmn,

Thanks for your message.

We have plans to enhance the chord buttons / chord pads at a later date.
As of yet, I am not able to give you a specific date when this will happen, but we have it on the list.