Cubasis controlling midi help

Hi guys
I’m a fairly new user of Cubasis it’s a great app
I’m using it to provide the backing tracks for a duo I’m with I am the keyboard player basically I’ll just be playing bits over the songs
I have a martini freekie Dmx controller which has midi in out I would like to control our lights using midi from Cubasis
Can anyone recommend an interface/cable to connect it I have an iPad Air
I want to record the scene changes via midi so that it plays along side the audio track has anyone ever done this
Thanks in advance


thanks for joining us and an interesting usage you have in mind.

Depending your audio needs I might recommend our own UR interface series:

but of course there is a variety of others brands that will work with Cubasis.

As for your plan to implement the Martin controller, Cubasis can certainly record and playback MIDI via the IN and OUT of an interface. In case that is also helpful, here is a list of supported MIDI CC#s:


Thanks Ricardo