Cubasis crach with lock screen

Cubasis is crashing when i use virtual lock screen icon while cubasis is playing the wave events .

1, load cubasis
2, Open project which has wave events
3, press play button
4, active assistive touch ipad and press virtual lock screen icon
5, result for me in 90% crashes cubasis.

This issue happens even some times that i use main lock screen iPads button . And even when i use projects which have only midi events .
Please repeat these steps or steps number 3 and 4 for many times .

Ipad air 2 128 gig . 4gig free space
ios 11.2.5
Cubasis 2,4,1


Hi Pejman,

Thanks for your bug report.

Please provide us with a short video that visualizes the issue.
Please upload via Dropbox, WeTransfer or similar, and let me have the download link via private message.

Thanks for your support.


Hi LSlowak

Sorry for late reply.
I have sent for you , videos about this bug via private message.


Hi Pejman,

Thanks for the additional information, which I’ve shared with the team!
Will keep you updated about our findings.



Hi Pejman,

Our engineering and quality assurance gave the issue a check.
So far, they are unable to reproduce the problem.

If possible, please provide us with the crash log, to further evaluate the issue.
Also, please let uns know what ipad/iOS version you have in use.


I have sent for you step by step crash log and ipad and ios and cubasis version in first post of this bug report ,and 4 video of this bug .
I don’t know what else to do ?

Ipad air 2 128 gig
ios 11,2,5
Cubasis 2.4.1

Hi Pejman,

Thanks for your message and actions so far.

Since we’re not able to reproduce the problem so far, the crash log itself might be helpful for our development (to find out “where” and “why” Cubasis has crashed).

Here is a link that explains how to find the iPad app crash logs:

Thanks again for your support!