Cubasis crash???

Hello I am new here,
I was using Cubasis last night,
I was running 5-6 Tracks
Two was using rozeta bass line sequences
Two running Ruismaker fm drums
The rest using cubasis microloug synth.
During the playback I was shortening a drum track when Cubasis froze.
Then my iPad shut down and restarted.
I am thinking it was due to the CPU as I has a lot going on in the project
Can anyone give me any assistance or has this happened to anyone else?

Many thanks


Thanks for your message.

Is the issue reproducible at your end?
In that case, an exact step description would be great, to evaluate the topic at our end.

Additionally, it would be helpful to have the crash report via private message.

Please let me know if you need support, how to obtain the crash reports.
If the case, please let me know what desktop OS you are using.


Hi Lars,
This crash has not been reproduceable, I tried a few times but seems to have gone, hopefully for good…
What I am getting are some serious clicks and loud crackles.
I am using the following:
Cubasis 2.5
iOS 11.0.3
Sunrizer synth
Audio drum loop (found within Cubasis media bay)
I copy and pasted a short track about 8 bars, copy & pasted it about 4 times (sunrizer synth, track was frozen)
Added track 2 audio drum loop.
Copied the sunrizer accidentally to track 2 when I deleted it there was a loud audio crack
I have tried to reproduce this but it seems to be one of these things that only happens when you don’t want it too…
I hope there is a solution to this.
Would like to know if I,m the only one…
Many thanks P.

Hi P.,

Thanks for the update.

Using external instruments and or effects apps can lead to several issues, which are mostly unrelated to Cubasis.
In case, you run into the same issue, please provide us with the exact steps to reproduce the issue, to allow us evaluating the problem