Cubasis crashing when used with Presonus Atom controller (169.7 KB)
Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if anyone has been experiencing the same thing, but anytime I’m trying to use Presonus Atom controller with Cubasis 3 it’s a countdown to crashing.

I tried to practice some finger drumming yesterday, connected the gear to the ipad, mapped it to pads on EG Pulse (and tested with DigiStix too with the same effect), hit play with metronome and it takes from 10s to 2 minutes to get a crash.

I tried it with my Korg Nanokey Studio, but I can play for hours with it. Atom works with AUM or Beatmaker 3, but is completely not usable in Cubasis 3 which is an absolute bummer.

I’m attaching the crash reports from yesterday and today.

I tried different latency settings to no avail. I’m also thinking that any setting above 12ms latency is a bit much for live practice, but it crashes even past 20ms latency setting.

Audio Engine Latency on or off, doesn’t make any difference.

I’ve been testing it with aftertouch on and off, different USB cables etc, but it’s just Cubasis that crashes when I’m using Atom.

I wish I could use the $45+ software the way it’s meant to be used.

I’m using an 11” iPad Pro m1, happy to provide more information, Cheers!