Cubasis <-> Cubase interchange

Hi Steinberg,

will there be some kind of “project importer” in the other direction (from Cubase to the iPad)?
It will be nice to work on the same music you are working on at home while travelling as well.
May be some kind of “automated audio export” to bring the basic aspects of the music from Cubase to Cubasis?


Hi Hartmut,

At the moment that is not possible as Cubase has many features not available in Cubasis that would cause incompatibilities.
You need to do a batch export for your audio tracks and export your MIDI tracks in Cubase and then load everything in Cubasis.

Hi Carlos,

Could you guys add an OMF import function to Cubasis? Cubase can already export that format, so maybe Cubasis could just read in whatever is supported (possibly even automation lanes in 1.8), and ignore the rest.