Cubasis demo has MIDI or not?

I am trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.
I have a couple Android devices to try, a Lume pad and a Samsung phone.
I have a CME U6MIDI Pro midi interface (no audio) which is supposed to work class compliant on input/output 1. Both the Android devices have USB C and so does the U6MIDI Pro. I checked my Korg keyboard, MIDI out into my Steinberg UR22 into Cubase on my Windows laptop to verify the MIDI out is working.
When I connect the Korg MIDI out to the U6MDI Pro input 1, the little green light is flashing so the MIDI from the Korg is working and the U6 is receiving.
When I run Cubasis trial and choose the MIDI in to go in a track, nothing gets recorded in Cubasis on the track even though the spinning circle is on the track. Is it possible that the Cubasis trial does not have MIDI?

I really need a definite answer, not “I think this or that” please. If you know for sure the answer, I would appreciate it. I am trying to evaluate whether Android apps are a viable option in June 2024. When I read online, there are a LOT of people who can’t get Android devices to work with MIDI.

Hi @midibim

Thanks for your message.

The performance of Cubasis for Android is strongly related to the devices in use. Cubasis supports Google’s Oboe to use external devices with the app.

Cubasis LE 3 Trial runs in a 30 minute demo mode which can be restarted as often as you like. Plus, you can delete the tracks of the preloaded demosong and replace them with your own recordings.

The demo version has no further limitations in regards to the MIDI and audio functions (except for the 30 minute demo period).

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So what is said is that the Cubasis demo CAN take MIDI in and out, but it depends on the particular Google/Android device/OS you might have, it may or it may NOT work, it just depends on whether THE DEVICE can play oboe or not.

Am I getting this right? So it is good to be able to try the demo and see. So far I don’t see anything I have ‘playing the oboe’. I have been having so many troubles
with USB cables I recently bought two USB cable testers!

So far I haven’t found any bad USB cables, so there are other issues, like maybe the USB jack on my computer is getting worn out? I am here referring to my other posts about the white light flashing on my UR22 and UR22 MkII.