Cubasis discount for Black Friday/Christmas/New Year

Hey guys,

Did you folks forget or miss offering Black Friday discount on Cubasis? Most other companies including Apple offered discounts and still continuing their Black Friday deals on their apps. But none so far from Cubasis. We are approaching Christmas/New Year and still no news of any discounts.

Please send me a discount or gift certificate number to redeem - I would like to buy a copy of Cubasis on the app store.

What is your support email address? I tried emailing but received a reply that there is no Black Friday in Europe. But there is Black Friday, Christmas, etc in US.


Hi powerobject,

Steinberg had several selected VST instruments on offer at 50% this past Black Friday.

While I’m not able to provide you with the next discount date for Cubasis I’m confident it will happen sometime soon again (as we did in the past).



Any ideas of of discount on Cubasis during Christmas or at least New Year? Each and every software vendor I purchased from in the past are offering discounts during these holidays every year. Steinberg could make 100% money all year long but should offer discounts like any other vendor during holidays and keep the spirit.

At least send me a redeemable coupon or code.


When was the last time Cubasis was on sale?


if and when we will have a discount on Cubasis in the future, you will find out through our websites:

I will close this topic now.

Thank you! :sunglasses: