Cubasis does not record notes in Precount

With Precount set to 1 bar in “Setup” and “Recording Mode” set to “Count”, notes that are hit during Precount are not recorded at all.

In case it’s not obvious: this is problematic because even if I intend to hit the 1st beat of the 1st bar (after a potential quantization), obviously about 50% of the time, I’ll hit the key a few milliseconds BEFORE the start of the “actual” bar instead of 50% AFTER. So, in roughly 50% of cases, the initial note is not recorded if I want it on the first beat.

Other apps (f.e. Xequence) handle this correctly.

Hi Instinctive,

'Thanks for your message.

Your feature request will be added to the backlog.

As an easy workaround, you might deactivate “Count” and set the left locator accordingly (one or two bars before actual recording).
That way it is assured, notes hit too early are recorded properly.

Hope that helps.