Cubasis Elements 11

I have a copy of Cubasis Elements 11. What downloads are available to me from the Steinberg download assistant? Also am I entitled to Wavelab? Lastly is my download code five groups of letters/numerals separated by a dash ‘-’? If so how do I enter the code?

I am very old and not very good with computers and things. So please make allowances.

Hi and welcome,

Open Steinberg Download Assistant. On the Left side, find Cubase and click to Cubase Elements 11. Download all components, which are on the right side. You have license for all of these.

Don’t open (or download) any other tab or product in the Steinberg Download Assistant. You don’t have license for these (same as you don’t have license to WaveLab, if you didn’t buy it).

So the all and the only files to download are in the Cubase Elements 11 tab.

Thank you sir.