Cubasis erasing my audio samples'!!!!

Latest and previous version of cubasis
I am experiencing loss sample
After I have exit cubasis and come back later sample are either blank or not there at all

THis is just CRAZY!!!

Hi Quinnx,

We’re sorry to hear you have issues with Cubasis.

Please provide us with a proper bug report (
Also, please feel free to add a short video clip that shows all steps until the problem appears (please upload via Dropbox and share the link with me via private message).

That way we’re able trying to reproduce the issue.

Thanks for your help!


I definitely had this issue too some time ago. My audio regions were just completely empty. This is really annoying but will be very hard to reproduce.

Today I experienced another Problem with audio regions:
I cutted an audio recording several times. Then I moved the recordings to modify the timing. At some point I created a freeze of the region to share the project with a friend who does not own the effect app I used.
Now I checked this part of the song again an noticed that the audio in the cutted parts is wrong, maybe ‘just’ shifted, maybe from another take. (Most likely from the same track)

This may be related to a general rearrangement of the song but this kind of things should not happen at all. (Even after a lot of rearrangements.

Please have a look at the screenshot:
Track 1 is the track with the problem. (The cuts do not make sense anymore)
Track 2 is a copy of a previous version of the song. (For comparison)
Track 3 is the freeze.

Hi TomPont,

Thanks for your message.

Are you able to provide us with a step description that leads to the issue?
That way our engineers would be able to reproduce and evaluate the problem.


I‘m not able to reproduce the issue at the moment but if I find a way i’ll let you know.

Maybe this problem is also related to this post about corrupted audio files:

Thanks TomPont,
Once equipped with the repro steps, there is a good chance our engineers can address the issue.


Found a way to reproduce the issue and sent you a private message!

Thanks for the update and additional information.
Will share all of this with our engineering, to have the topic evaluated.

Please await our feedback.


I have also determined missing files has a lot to do with track names.
Since the initial track name also associates with the audio file being recorded, if any other track has the same name any audio tracks created or deleted from these tracks can overwrite or otherwise remove or make other audio files unavailable or erased.

Also duplicate track also duplicates the name of the previous track so we have 2 tracks with the same name and thus will cause the same issue.
duplicate track should add a 1,2,3,4 to the name to solve this one.
So duplicating track BASS will become track BASS2 ETC…

The other cause is AUDIO UNITS or INTER AUDIO APPS
By default adding an audio unit/app renames the track to the name of the app which can mess up audio file associations.
Especially when you have a template loaded with tracks named. BASS, DRUMS LEADS PADS etc…
Then when you reload the project later and it re associated the Audio app/unit especially from AUDIOBUS, all tracks get renamed to the name of the app on the track so that any tracks that where previously named BASS LEAD PADS DRUMS etc. those labels are gone and audio files associations are messed up.
MAJOR MAOR BUG needs fixing
(Fix would be to stop tracks from being renamed by these apps)