CUBASIS: "Factory" AUDIO & MIDI files


Is it possible to remove the factory samples, midi, and audio files found in Cubasis?How so?

2nd (separate question)

Can you extract AUDIO or MIDI track snippets or samples from a project?
Is it possible to then save them in the area where the other pre-loaded AUDIO & MIDI files are located?
How do you do that? Is there a tutorial?

Thank you in advance.


you need to connect the iPad to a computer, open iTunes (on the computer), select the iPad, go to “File Sharing” > “Cubasis” and on the bottom there’s a “Add…” button with which you can upload files to the app. If you upload an empty folder named “Audio” you basically will remove all the factory and custom audio files. Same for the “Midi” folder.

I didn’t find a way to extract a midi track, but for the audio it works by double tapping the wave form and tapping “Save to Media”. Alternatively you can upload your audio files via iTunes, or via the Cubasis web interface (in Cubasis > Setup > Mixdown / Share > WiFi Server > open the displayed link on a computer in the same WiFi network)

Is there a tutorial for the second thing you mentioned?

What is the Wifi accessing?

Thanks again for your help

yes, here: MediaBay