Cubasis Faders No Response to Mixface

My SL Mixface midi controller is USB-connected to Cubasis 3 on IpadPro (2018 model) via Mackie. All seems to work fine except that Cubasis faders only respond to MF fader after I run the Mixface fader up to the top and back down again. Not an issue with Garageband on the Mac, so i am thinking software issue. Could this be a feature due to a Cubasis setting that I need to tweak? This is not the same as the “Laggy Midi” issue on the forum, which seems to be closest to my issue. It could be due to incredible ignorance on my part, as I am new to both Mixface and Cubasis.

Hi @jaknowle,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Studiologic released two YouTube clips, explaining how to use the Mixface with Cubasis:

How to use SL Mixface with Cubasis via USB

How to use SL Mixface with Cubasis via Bluetooth

For additional information, we suggest to get in touch with our friends at Studiologic directly.

Hope that helps!


HI Lars

Thanks for your links. These are excellent videos (despite the unfortunate lack of verbal instructions), as are all of the official Cubasis videos I have seen. In fact it was finding these videos that led me to buy cubasis and mixface, as explained above. However they are NOT helpful for resolving the current problem, as I already configured mixface and cubasis to work together, as explained in your videos.
Today I experimented with using the BT port to connect mixface to Cubasis on my iphone. I still see the same problem with the faders on iphone that I had on IpadPro, especially for Track 1. Once the fader starts working , it is fine, responds smoothly and quickly, contrary to the problem described in the ‘Laggy’ posting. Studiologic also contacted me about my problem and said it is a Steinberg issue, not a MixFace issue. I should also add that I test the Mixface with Garageband, and the fader issue does not arise.