Cubasis: Feature request, add master inserts to all outputs

I am using iPad Air 2 with Cubasis 2 in rehearsals and live performances and even in recording multitrack sessions.

Feature Request 1)

When recording multitrack sessions, i have the necessity of add master inserts in each output channel.
For example:

Output 1/2 (PA) … this is the only channel that have master inserts.
Output 3/4 (drummer)
Output 5/6 (other musicians)
Output 7/8 (sound engineer)

Feature Request 2)

The input send effects are only working on output 1/2. When i am using the other outputs i can’t hear each input channel send effects. So, it would be nice that we could choose in each input channel to where is going the send effects (much like we already have the option to choose to where is going the input channel output).

Please… after 2,5 years?
We still miss this feature.
Am i alone here?