Cubasis Feature Request - Midi Program Change!

So, Cubasis 3.6 is great - I’ve bought almost all of the IAP and love having Halion, etc mapped to my midi controller. There’s one thing though, that really interrupts my workflow and it’d be a great thing if it could be fixed.

I can use my midi controllers for most things in Cubasis - that’s wonderful. The one problem is when I want to scrub through and select presets. Then I have to leave my midi controller and go back to the Ipad to touch a tiny preset screen and keep tapping to select a new preset.

I can understand such a disconnect of 3rd party instruments not having this function, but surely, within Steinberg-created instruments, this functionality should be present within the first iteration? If there’s some fundamental reason why this cannot be achieved, then my apologies, but I am not sure why it wasn’t there from the start.

I understand there are issues with scrubbing versus preset selection and load times, but my thought would be that in the programming, a single encoder could scrub through a bank of 128 presets, with the preset names changing as the controller is turned. Only when a preset remains selected for 2 -3 seconds does the preset itself begin to actually load , so that reduces memory/caching concerns, if apparent .

Any possibility of this feature being implemented? Chatting on various Ipad groups, I know this is something others are interested in.

Hi @Sir_Caramel

Thanks for your message, which has been shared with the team!


Thank you so much!
It’d be great if that functionality surfaced in a future update one day.

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