Cubasis feature request

Hi, here is my list of Cubasis 3
feature request.

Cubasis 3 feature request, could allso be
Cubasis 2!.

Multi sample velocity layers

Simple grain sampler

Simple megatrig

Cubasis 3 simple Halion flexphraser

Audio Sample round robin creation

Drum synth synthesizer, create you own
tr808 drum like sound.

FM synthesis with operators

Osc Phase modulation

Cubasis synth, better osc hard sync with free control of both osc.

Arppgiator with lots of rhythm preset.

Vocoder synth

Osc unison mode, like omnisphere, huge

Simple Physical Acoustic synth modelling,
string , guitar, pluck simulation.

Lot’s of many new much better instrument

Cubasis 3 Improved Audio and Synth engine in terms of better audio recording and playback quality.

New synthesizer like Steinberg prologue,
with more osc.