Cubasis fix for failed HAlion download

This is what worked for me on mobile devices to download HAlion : Turn off wifi and only use cellular, next go to “Cellular Date Options” Next change “Voice & Data” to Lte, then change “Data mode” to Low Data Mode. This is all I had to do, but as others have stated, restart the device, restart the router and if you are desperate, uninstall and reinstall the Cubasis app. I would try and download the HAlion app at least 20 times and it should work, the app seems to take less then 5 minuets to download for HAlion. By the way, seems to download perfectly on android devices and iphones 12s and older.

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Hi @DazyZ99

Thanks for sharing your tipps with the community.


why don’t you expand your bandwidth? or create multiple files from one so they can download faster or people can download what they want or need instead… it’s going to have to take for people to start asking for their money back to do something fast.

Hi @jcsfx09

Have you been able to download and install HALion Sonic Selection in the meantime?


Same problem here, download of HALion keeps failing even with a good connection. Why doesn’t the download continue on from just before it failed rather than start the whole 1.8Gb again? It’s not rocket science!

So I’ve paid for something I can’t download. Looks like I will have to try to get a refund. I’ve since switched to Logic Pro which seems very stable and full of functionality which Cubasis doesn’t have.

Having said that, you’re saving grace is that Logic Pro won’t let me run InterApp plug-ins, in particular Bias FX 2 (very odd as GarageBand does!). This is the only reason I’ve kept Cubasis 3 on my iPad Pro.

i have tried everything… called apple got a refund purchased again and nothing, turned off multiple times the ipad set everything else on wifi off and nothing, reset the router and modem and nothing, i’m at almost 300 times trying for it to download… why is it not working? makes no sense… you need more bandwidth it seems… i have enough space in my ipad i have 101GB free and i have a 400bmps internet connection enough to carry up to 10 devices even though i’ve tried downloading it with only one connected… i’m at a loss here.

I wonder whether some companies like Steinberg think that by frustrating mobile users, they will switch to desktop and pay lots of money for the ‘real’ thing.

I spent thousands on Steinberg desktop products years ago when we had a studio. Great products. However, anyone hoping to progress to professional setups nowadays through their bad experiences with the mobile apps may stay away from such companies. I think it’s very short sighted thinking.

I think Steinberg should invest more into the mobile platform apps because it would be a pity if they get eaten up by Apple.

HALion Sonic Selection IAP Content Download Issues | Please read here

The download worked fine on my iPhone but not on my iPad.

I solved the problem by making a hotspot with my iPhone, so the download worked without wifi.

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Nice, would have been useful to know for my fathers Ipad instead of him trying it over and over again for 3 hours until it worked ^^

its sad as it is only affecting the halion instruments, which would be the only iap iam interested in.
but buggy as it is, i would not even get it when its for free.
i ask myself why a big professional company like steinberg do things like that.
its weird, because their products are great usually.

Cubasis 3.6.1 available

Dear all,

Some of our users have reported problems downloading the HALion Sonic Selection IAP content.

To address the problem we are glad to announce the immediate availability of Cubasis 3.6.1 and Cubasis LE 3.6.1 for iOS.

This update adds the option to resume the download from the point where it failed, enabling all users to finish the download.

Warm greetings,


Fair play on getting this sorted so quickly Lars. Downloaded first time with no errors and much faster. Thanks. Maybe more user testing before new releases in future?

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Testing of what? The problem is not server side… if it was then android should have downloading problems too.because they implented a fix, doesnt neccesarily mean the root of the problem is within the app or at the server. If it were, then a “resume downloading” mechanic wouldnt be needed.
They couldnt replicate the downloading bug,but gave a solution to bypass the problem.
I have no clue how they should test if their iap downloads as normal in every region on this planet and on every device outthere :thinking::thinking: seems to me, since it only affects 1 brand,1 platform and specific devices thats the issue might lie in the internet protocols/certificates of such devives than anything else.

The latest update fixed the download problem reported by many users, so the problem was related to the Cubasis app not poor connections etc. An issue which should have been found by beta testers before release.

Yes, bugs do sneak through , just look at the number of bugs found by users of Cubasis over several years. The problem is that customers eventually lose trust in the product and spend the money elsewhere. Now that Apple have released Logic Pro on the iPad, it’s a good time to to ensure there aren’t any major bugs…especially ones which prevent customers from downloading products after they have paid for them!

The desktop download assistant is almost as bad. I had to resort to downloading the ISO file of Halion 7 content slight_smile:

Since not all devices , not even all apple devices, have that exact problem you cannot state that the bug is in the cubasis app… even better… they didnt fix the problem, they offer a baind aid.
See they just implented that the downloaded content gets written to the harddrive imeddiatly instead of keeping it in the tempfolder untill fully downloaded.
But that is not the bug… the bug is not having a strong connection to their server and being able to download the full halion iap without interruptions (download stopping) in about 10 minutes (depending on the clientsspeed)

They said themselves that they are unable to replicate this bug, in other words… it’s actually not on their end. But they found a work-a-round by implenting a “resume download” mechanic.
Because they found a way to workaround the “bad connection” issue doesnt mean the culprit is at their end.

If they had found a bug at their end then the resume download mechanic was not needed and everybody would have a stable connection to their server.
The download problems were not on every apple gadget and that being so, it’s easily to conclude that the problems were not fully at their end… yet they implented a band aid so users would lose to much blood (data).

C J Monster or whoever you are. I guess you and I would agree we both want Steinberg to prosper. I’ve got a lot of good history with Steinberg products. I’m just trying to help.

You’re comments are frankly ‘all over the place’. I truly hope you’re not a beta tester or developer.

All over the place? No, im saying the same thing the whole time.

Not everybody has the download error… not on android nor on ios. that means the error is not in the fundament of the app but is more device/model or region specific.

They made a failsafe mechanic (only for ios as the download error has not been reported on android android devices; this tells us that the problem is not server-side,assuming they host both halion versions on the same server) which just makes sure that already downloaded data is not lost and clients have to startdownloading from 0 again. This is not a fix to the problem, this is a band aid.

Lars stated himself i other posts that they (steinberg) could not replicate the download problem… if you cant reproduce a bug, you cant know where the problem is and you cant really fix it. But you can work around it, hence the resume download function. This function is not implented on android so if android doesnt need it then its actually not how it is suppose/intended to work… hence a workaround.

On android… buy halion inapp… download n install takes about 10 mins… no interruptions, no stopping the download, flawless installation…
Thats how it suppose to work.

Rest assured , im not affiliated with steinberg whatsoever :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: but i have been around since the first MusicStudio… saw the MusicStudio dev drop the first FL Mobile app (he was hired to devellop)… and now that dev is working for the cubasis team.
This download problem of iaps n updates is not uncommon and i seen it with many different type of apps and phone/device models…

Now you suggested better testing but how you going to test if an iap is going to download on every device model in every region on the planet?
Ever thought about all the things that can go wrong between server/host and the client?
Ever think about how many firewalls and filters there are between a host n a client, how many other factors come into play? Its easy to hold devs accountable while there are dozens of other entities at play (the internet provider the server is on, the internet the client is on, the device brand and model is the client is on, the appstore version the client is on, OS version, internet certificates, security updates… just toname a few).

Thanking steinberg that they managed to implent a workaround… great :+1:t3:
Saying its their problem without knowing the actual problem., too easy and jumping the gun👎

It’s not just the ‘workaround’. With the previous version, the download kept failing with perfectly good fast data connections. It was also very very slow.

With the update, the connection did not fail at all and was much quicker.

The ‘workaround’ to carry on from where the download left off should have been implemented in the first place as it’s a standard way to recover from download errors in very large files.

I agree that there are lots of reasons why a data connection can fail, but has anyone reported the connection issues since they updated the app?