Cubasis for Andriod...PLEASE!!!!!

I’m dying here using 3rd party software to record multi tracks from an interface into my andriod of bands playing live at venues.

My studio set up is PC/Windows and the last thing I need to do is to buy an overpriced ipad when I’ve got an Andriod phone and tablet.

I understand Andriod can be harder to develop for cause there’s a hundred different androids in the market but at the very least develop for the most popular one of all (Samsung Galaxy series). Then at the least there is something. Please guys…make something.

Hi SirChris,

We constantly monitor the Android platform especially in regards to a possible Cubasis release.
Product releases will be announced once they become available.

As of now, there is no release date available for Cubasis for the Android platform.



I think you’ll find that the Android platform is too fragmented in terms of its range of implementations ( hardware and software) to make a ‘real time’ app like Cubasis supportable by … well anyone …

If SB were to attempt it they’d have to focus on a specific subset of devices and OS versions which would probably create more problems than it solved.

Additionally I’ve heard/read that although the Android platform far exceeds the iOS platform numerically, it is far, far behind in terms of how many apps users actually purchase. THe music tech market is a tiny niche at best… so investing in development of a product that has a tiny number of customers willing to purchase is a problematic business decision.

The brutal truth is that if you want to use a mobile music making device in your work, the acquisition of an iOS device is the most efficient way to get there. IMO you won’t regret it… such fun!

I noticed that Samsung has now Pro grade audio processing on their S7, maybe a limited release on the samsung appstore first?

Not that I am pushing this, I own an iPad, just a thought…


This has all changed for the newest release of Android and is now possible to get below the 10ms range.

There is no more reason to keep off of the Android platform, especially if you only guaranty the top brands and not all the bloatware of android phones; Android users are very aware that you still have to buy the top name brands anyway.

What this does is allows users to keep notes and outlines of their projects, then upload them to Cubase or Nuendo later on. Keeping Android/PC users in the dark, is basically telling half of your users (which are on PC desktops) to take a hike to another platform, which many are already doing, especially in the film score universe. Just having Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL as your main promoters isn’t rallying your subset of film score users to keep them talking about Cubase.

Overall, I’ve seen Cubase slowly dying, especially with Reaper, Studio One/Notion and Logic Pro updating and coming out with competing software. The best architecture that would bring Steinberg to the top, would be to stop partitioning their platforms, bringing Cubase/Nuendo, Wavelab and Dorico into one program (something people have been waiting for forever).

Whoever does your marketing really needs to amp up the promotion on these sites, since people have been swiftly jumping off the platform. Creating something like Cubasis for Android will help a little, but merging the platform, creating what everyone wants, is the ideal goal; anything less (like platform fragmentation) is an obvious attempt to cash grab over true customer support. Why wouldn’t Steinberg create an all in one platform everyone’s been waiting for? Especially since Protools has been making fluctuating all over the place and everyone has been looking for a score program, fully integrated with production (at least on the film scoring side).