Cubasis for iPad

Just bought Cubasis for iPad - looks really interesting.

This is actually real! :astonished:
how is it?

Cool…Any editing of Halion Sonic parameters?

Requires Cubase 6.5/7 to exprt to a desktop - a reason to upgrade?
“CD quality audio” - 16 bit 44.1?

No plugins on an iPad that I know about. Except the in-app stuff that Steinberg must be eyeing.

50 bucks? Spent more than that on ipad beat machines I don’t use.

Does it support audio copy/paste?

What mix down formats are supported?

Will any core audio/midi interface work?

+1000 :open_mouth:

And here, I thought he was staring at her butt, or was wondering why she forgot his hand cymbals. :laughing:

Looks good!

Wonder if it works with Siri?

[Ding ding]
Me: how can I make my mixes sound better?
Siri: stuff your head in a trashcan. It sounds better than this crap.


This is slick! Only does about half of what the desktop version can do but I never used 90% of it anyway. Touch is so much more tactile, duh, and more musical than mouse and keyboard… PCs are doomed.

And I can lean back in my easy chair, earpods in, while my wife watches some chick flick I’m building tracks. Marital bliss and togetherness. :mrgreen:

I’m leaving the civilezation for a week, bound for the family hut in the mountains. If Cubasis is any good there won’t be much time for outdoor activities :laughing:

For a snazzy product aimed at mobile creativity and flexibility, it’s a pretty corny promotional video. :laughing:

Animoog is on sale, plays nicely with Cubasis.


I’m using the iPad Animoog via the iOS coremidi bus. Can’t hear or feel any latency. Don’t know of a way to meter it.