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Who would like Cubasis for iPhone 6, 6S, SE, etc.

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It has been a bit of a while now (2 years) and most of us Steinberg users are really starting to feel edgy as to the approximate date for when Cubasis will be available for iPhone. I mean some people have even jail broken their phone to get Cubasis. I would like to know the progress as to the matter and also would like to know the status of this matter, if it’s rhe case it’s impossoble then you can say that or if it’s the case that Cubasis for iPhone is underway, then let us know as to if it’s dully developed and beta tested or if it’s just being made.

Hi h_matharu,

Thanks for your message.

New updates will be announced, once they become available.
And we have the next one in the making for quite some time…

We are aware that many users want to see Cubasis on the iPhone.

Cubasis is designed for optimum usability, enabling to capture ideas the most quickest way.
Same for polishing tracks and songs to perfection.

Once we’re able to provide the same kind of usability for the smaller devices, be assured we will release it.
As of yet, I have no further information about Cubasis for iPhone.



FL studio has also had a release for iPhone, iPad and even a computer edition. From what I have seen in the forums of people also wanting Cubasis for iPhone, there are also been many requests to do so. And it’s common sense to not use Cubasis on Apple Watch due to the screen resolution (as per sarcastic comment). But if I was a app developer I would allow DAW software for iPhone as well, even Lars agreed with that for iPhone 6S in one of the Audiobus forums. But I want at least an idea such as if it’s in a Beta state, still getting programmed or getting tested, but Lars doesn’t know about this. So yeah

iPhone market is very HUGE and Steinberg is missing out on the business opportunity for so long - it’s long overdue!

Recent stats indicate more than 64% web traffic comes from mobile devices (phones). Not everyone has an iPad.

GarageBand on iPhone is very usable regardless of the small screen size. And so is FL Studio Mobile.

The layouts in SynthMaster One (with 3 horizontal divisions similar to a “responsive” website layout) are already mobile-friendly and would readily fit the phone. They are just figuring out a “navigation layout” to bring it to iPhone and show it at NAMM.



“And .000001% of the 64% are musicians that want cubasis on iPhone”

Can you backup your so-called claim of “0.000001%” with some data or published stats of musician:laymen ratio (instead of asking others to stop the discussion and behaving like you are a moderator of this forum)? That’s very RUDE! What if someone asks you to stop your vague claims without backing it up? Everyone has the right to voice their views.

You should stop mocking at others with ridiculous/sarcastic comments like this and follow some forum etiquette. NO one with an ounce of commonsense is going to ask for Cubasis on Apple Watch - that’s a given:

“Next you will be asking for Cubasis on Apple Watch”

An app without a mobile version is like a website without a responsive mobile layout - if you ask anyone. Apple would not have wasted their resources creating the mobile version of GarageBand if only “0.000001%” are musicians that want Cubasis on iPhone (by the way, it is “Cubasis” - not cubasis). You are essentially claiming - you know better how to do business than the thousands of highly experienced engineers, marketers, sales pros, C-level executives at Apple! Obviously, you have no clue of what you are talking about.

Exactly what I am talking about. Someone finally understands!!

Unlucky m8. Maybe think about what you post next time.