Anybody is with me for Cubasis version for iPhone?

Question to devs: is it too hard to make an iPhone version of the app?

Hi sm7x7,

We have this on our feature request list. :slight_smile:

HURRAY!!! Should we expect the iPhone version this year? (Please-please-please… :slight_smile: )

I wish my iPad was a bigger screen at times but it is great with Cubasis, I can’t see cramming that screen onto my iPhone

But that is what makes the world go around

Try PH ReBirth on iPhone, you’ll see real cramming :smiley:
No problem with the Cubasis on the iPhone’s screen. It’s zoom works perfectly. And the CPU is comparable to the iPad 4’s. Looking forward to get one on my iPhone!

Hi sm7x7,

Sorry, that is highly improbable. For this year we have other important stuff on our list (such as automation).