Cubasis for live use

Live mixing with an iPad - surely it’s coming. I am on the edge of purchasing Cubasis (head to head with Auria right now) but I cannot find anywhere that it is possible to add insert effects, arm the track, and monitor live audio with the effect(s) applied yet without having to hit record. Have I missed the obvious (sorry if I have)? If it is not possible, is it likely in the future? Just think of Waves MultiRack and think of something like it (even scaled back for small ensembles/bands/duos etc) and on an iPad… Latency is becoming much less of an issue as power increases in these small devices. It’s an opportunity.

Glad to read your post. My real needs in Cubasis, as a Cubase user, are for live portable recording. Given the tracks can be uploaded to Cubase somewhat seamlessly adds to the great appeal. Well stated, although I am still in search of the right audio interface