Cubasis for Windows (tablets)

You should make a Windows version. Cubasis with vst support had much more potential on Windows tablets like the Surface Pro 3.

We have other OS on our list, but do not expect them to be available on short notice.


since the surface series and comparable Windows tablets are fully equipped PCs, one of the smaller Cubase versions is more interesting for you, like Cubase Elements or AI in combination with one of our hardware devices.

Eventually we probably see an evolution towards a future where there is not such a technical difference between tablet & PC anymore.


Using the full Cubase with Surface Pro 3:

And also:

Cubase isn’t good for windows tablets. Everything’s too small, too many features for such a small display, menus, etc… Anyway basically tablets are rather for creating song sketches, that’s what I want and you need a simple user interface in order to be creative. Cubase doesn’t have such a simple user interface. Even Cubasis could be simpler when you compare it with Stagelight’s user interface.

Hi Melodyshine,

as you can see in the video that standalone posted, it is possible to use Cubase quite effectively on a surface tablet without the keyboard and mouse. Even though for now with some extra help from 3rd party software regarding the tool bar. Depending on what work you do and where it is for sure a great advantage to be able to switch so quickly between a regular Cubase setup with regular controls and then switch to a mobile version and come back without having to transfer projects.

On the classic tablet market and the way usually those are designed Windows is still a very small player. But be sure we keep a very close look on its development and also regarding the upcoming new version Windows 10, which is trying to solve many of the problems it has as a cross platform and lacking in regards to the classic mobile platforms.

The future will be for sure interesting! :sunglasses:


May be you should try Sequel 3. The views looks big enough on a Windows Tablet. But I think its beta to have Cubasis available for that’s what brought me here. Even Android needs Cubasis now for there is real time audio on most recent Android devices. :slight_smile: