Cubasis freezes on loading

on a couple of projects Cubasis freezes on loading
sometimes it hangs for 30sec then closes

i’ve restarted, deleted & re downloaded and freed up space on my ipad


Hi @mig1,

Please share a project with us which fails to load properly.

In addition, could the issue be related to 3rd party plug-ins used in these projects?


(Attachment umbrella back up 4.cbp is missing)

Hi @mig1,

Please send me a private message, which includes the download link to the project.


Thank you so much.
I ran all the outboards I had THEN opened Cubasis and it opened (slow but did it)

I quickly took off all the 3rd parties.

Then, duplicated & put them on one by one.
I think it was a cheeky WoodGate that I had put on the Kick.

Thank you
Thank you


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Hi @mig1,

Thanks for the update.
Glad to read that you’ve resolved the issue via unloading a faulty 3rd party plug-in.

Enjoy being creative,