Cubasis Guitar DI Tutorial + More

I am working with a client that only has an Ipad but is tracking at home. So I made some videos to hopefully get him started. Maybe you will find them useful too.

They cover other topics as well to help make the collaboration easier.

Part 1: Inputs and setup of Cubase, AudioBus and JamUp.

Part 2: Importing external tracks and tracking over them.

Part 3: Exporting your recorded tracks.

Hi Aortizjr,

It’s midnight here and I was going to bed when I discovered your tutorials. Enjoyed them thoroughly ! Thanks for taking the time to create and share them. Of course, not tired anymore I think I’ll go downstairs and record ! :wink:

Nice work! Thanks for taking the time, and for sharing.

I want to record a clean guitar track using Apogee Jam along with playing back other tracks in a project but want to monitor a processed (distorted) guitar track. My attempts with Audiobus and IAA were not successful. Audiobus does not work because i can’t route only a single track to Audiobus, just the whole cubasis stereo out .
IAA does record as you hear. Someone has a solution i have not thought of yet?
The example in the tutorial only works when there are no other tracks in the project.

The second video shows using the same setup tracking over imported drums and layered guitars. Also the client who I have made this for has been using this method for full songs, layered guitars, drums, midi, etc with no problems.

Oh wait…I think I know what you are saying.

If you are using audio bus or IAA and midi or like a plugin, yes only one at a time can use it. You have to bounce the track to audio (solo, mixdown, import back into the project). Kind of like what freeze does but freeze doesn’t release the IAA or audio bus insert.

IAA to me was harder to work with for that reason and AudioBus at least you could have the recorded wav to work with. But you will have to bounce to wavs to reuse the bus.

It isn’t perfect…kind if reminds me of the bouncing in the 4 or 8 track tape days to get more tracks. Just have to commit!

Well and not really fully commit. You can always reroute, make the changes and bounce again.

Actually your second video is more or less what i want to achieve. However in my case the drumtrack for example would be sent through JamUp too.
Seems like something i am doing wrong. I’ll go through the first video again and verify i do it correct.

Just a tip…

With IAA you don’t have to solo, mixdown, import… in order to bounce it.
It’s as easy as:
-Freeze the track
-Create a new audio track
-Drag the frozen audio event from the IAA track into the new track


Honestly, I’m yet to find a situation where audio bus is simpler than IAA!

Thanks both,

the problem sits always in front of the screen :wink:
The first video shows perfectly well how to do and it works exactly as i want it to. My feeling was it would not record the DI-Signal because no matter how you switch Mute or Solo, you always hear the processed signal from JamUp (which i want to). However if you record then you have both signals in your two tracks: The DI and the processed guitar signal.
Lesson learned: Don’t make assumptions half way, process as shown and check result in the end :sunglasses:


When I was experimenting before making the video, I had issues where JamUp would get greyed out and I would have to restart after unfreezing. Just was a bit buggy. But even AudioBus at first was a bit buggy to get going.

I would try IAA this way first though. Save a few bucks at least if it works for you!

I think as it matures it will be the way to go for sure.