Cubasis help needed

Hi, I have just installed Cubasis on my iPad and could do with a little help with something if anyone can assist.
Basically if I tap on a drum loop preset then it auto populates in the track, however what I’m struggling with is when I listen to the instrument samples such as piano presets and find one I want to use it doesn’t auto populate like the drums. Is there any way I can actually use a piano preset that I like?
Any help would be appreciated

  • Tap on the "+MIDI* button located in the track list
  • Tap on the small instrument track icon
  • Choose an instrument in the MediaBay list to load it
  • Override loaded instruments via single tap

If you’re new to Cubasis it might be helpful to browse YouTube, the In-App help for further tips and tricks about the app and its features.

Thanks for the reply LSlowak, I tried what you said however still doesn’t seem to work. Instead of the piano loop auto populating in the track I just get the orange box appear at the bottom of the page where I can press the keys on the small black buttons and create my own riff…which isn’t what I want as not good with keys etc hence the reason I am looking to just use the presets in the instrument tab.
I’m a novice at this (as you can prob tell) so if you could walk me through it more simply it’d be greatly appreciated
Many thanks

I’m not sure if I have understood your request correct.

The MIDI folder located in the MediaBay section contains MIDI loops that are assigned to selected instruments. Double tap on a loop loads it into the arrangement along with the assigned instrument. Loading the loop via long tap /drag & drop loads the loop itself (without changing instruments that have been assigned before).

The Instruments folder provides the option to set a channel to “No Instrument”, displays available Inter-App audio as well as the on-board MicroSonic and Micrologue instruments. The instrument previews have been included to give an idea about how the instrument sounds but can’t be loaded as a MIDI phrase. Double tap or long tap / drag & drop leads to loading the instrument only.

Hope that helps to answer your question!