Cubasis IAA Serious Audioglitch


I have done a video of the audio glitch happening and also recorded the audio into Audioshare via Audiobus and the recorded sound is very different from the live audio as in the video when heard from the speaker…

Is it fixable? :open_mouth:

Anyone else get the same thing ?

Same here with ipad air and IAA! Need a fix soon! Also all effects lost after mixdown!

What IAA apps are you using when getting the glitch or is it just IAA itself with any app ?

I use bias for audio!

There seems to be lots of minor problems with IAA, let’s hope that iOS 7.1 would fix some issues also Cubasis 1.8


We got a test project from Dave and are investigating this issue!

Thanks for looking into this guys.

One day I hope Cubasis will ‘just be’ the best daw on IOS, no question.

I can’t wait for this day :wink:

Hello all,

We are planning to release another 1.7 maintenance update (1.7.2) before 1.8 that will improve the performance and address many user reported problems.

Bellow you will find the link to the official announcement:

Best regards,