Cubasis In App Purchases to Cubase Pro


I don’t know if this has been answered already but I’m considering getting Cubasis to start ideas on the run to eventually bring into Cubase Pro.

I know that even though Cubasis supports third party plugins via AU3, when projects using these plugins are imported into Cubase, these third party plugins simple do not load. Thats fine, I can understand that.

But what doesn’t seem clear to me is what happens when a Cubasis project is imported to Cubase that utilises the In App Purchased FX Packs. Do these effects loads as well? If so, what plugins do they correspond to in Cubase Pro?

Cubasis looks like a really cool solution for me to be creative on the fly, and hopefully someone could answer my queries. My apologies if this has been addressed before.

Hi audiofrq,

Thanks for your message.

Since the FX Pack in-app purchases are exclusive to Cubasis, these effects can not be ported to Cubase

Instead, you’re able to render such tracks via track freeze in Cubasis, before importing them with Cubase.
Additionally, you’re always able to load other Cubase effects at any time.

Hope that helps.