Cubasis Integration Template for Novation Sl-MK3

Hi All.
I know there is a very good midi template created by [mchantzi] for Cubase.
I wondered if there was any way to use this to create Midi Remote Config for Cubasis on iPad?
Anyone have any help/hints for me?

Hi PowerBastion,
I have a Novation Impulse 61, I created a Novation user template by using Midi Learn in Cubasis to assign and then operate the navigation controls, faders, mutes and solo from the keyboard . The Novation pitch bend would not work in Cubasis, so I downloaded a free app called MIDI Wrench, this acts as a internal midi link between Novation and Cubasis, just launch the app before launching Cubasis and leave it running in the background.
Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks - I was hoping to leverage the 100s of hours [mchantzi] spent creating a really complex and comprehensive template.
I wonder if the underlying code in his template is compatible, with a little bit of manipulation to load into Cubasis.

To be quite honest, Iā€™m not really sure :thinking: I do know there is no template for Cubasis otherwise